About Us

Hello, my name is Terri and for as long as I could hold a pencil I have felt the need to make beautiful things and make things beautiful.  I harnessed this creativity after my children were born and I discovered a cupcake making talent and designed them especially for the themed parties and 'friends home for tea' alike.  I began getting requests from family and friends to make cupcakes for them and the ripple effect began. It was the start of Sprinkles as a business.

  •  Flavours. There are just so many! Flavours with no limits and experimentation key to this.  I regularly poll my Facebook followers and friends to find out what unusual flavours they'd like to try and pull an original flavour from the 'virtual' hat. For example, a random result of such a poll was my Blackjack cupcakes which have since become a really popular flavour. 

  •  Ingredients. Whatever the recipe, excellence begins with the ingredients and in my opinion it is crucial to use fresh, top quality ingredients to ensure very best products.

  • Design.  The finishing of a cupcake is my favourite part of the process.  I have a keen eye for detail and as I mentioned a creative nature so I enjoy the challenges set by my clients.  I have made a spectrum of cupcakes for events as diverse as children's parties, right through to very adult themed cupcakes for stag and hen nights! The current trend for wedding cakes is tiers and tiers of cupcakes with a little fruit cake on top for cutting, a challenge indeed but one Sprinkles is more than equal to!

  • Delivery.  The cakes are made and decorated as close to the delivery appointment as possible.  The busier Sprinkles has become the more important it is to book your cupcakes as far in advance as possible.  This gives me time to plan, design, cook and finish your order, then schedule your delivery or collection.  Delivery charges are kept to a minimum and are free within a radius of 10 miles.


I believe every day should have something special in it and a Sprinkles Cupcake will definitely fit that bill!