The parties are a very unique, fun, rude and way for your friend or relation to celebrate their birthday, hen do or special occasion with their friends!

there are three packages listed below!

1. £25 per adult with a minimum of 5 Adults.

this party consists of every they need to have a fun and mensurable  party on a budget.

you will learn how to decorate and pipe 6x cupcakes, which everyone will get to take home with them.

I supply the table and decoration, equipment and all the rude bits for the party.

there wil be a competion on the last two cupcakes, where each of you get to design their own willy or what ever cupcake you desire and the winner will win a prize.

(hope you like things that buzz!! lol). The birthday girl or hen, will get a  present from me to celebrate there occasion also a box of sprinkles cupcakes.

party 2. This party is £40 an adult min of 5 adults

this package consists of all the above plus i provide all the party bags containing items that will used a lot!! and a few extras.

party 3. this party is £50 a head min of 5 adults

this package consists of everything listed above plus a birthday/hen cake.

All parties i have done to date have been enjoyed by all lots of laughter,fun, and memorable moments to be had by booking an adults only cupcake party!!

please note some of these cakes not made by sprinkles of axminster!